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Marketing viral - Wee Siew Kim

Marketing viral - Wee Siew Kim

I wrote about this viral Internet marketing event, Wee Shu Min (Wee Shu Min - Viral Internet), and I think was a isolate act, but as I saw in the last days the father of the girl, Wee Siew Kim, still put fire on issue with new apologies to Mr Derek Wee`s and other people who read the posts, this saying will supply the effect and maintain the same in order of the day, transforming it in waves of viral marketing.

If you stop the wave of viral marketing after a short piece of time stops, but if you supply new content to the story it will grow because the people how see one time will want to see more about it, and if it stays in order of the day new people will want to know what is that.

In this moment we have a relationship between many people as: Wee Siew Kim, Wee Shu Min, Mr Wee, internet users, Singapore community.

The new event of the story is more apologies from, Wee Siew Kim:

'We both apologise to the people whom we have offended, and especially Mr Derek Wee,' the MP said.

"I should not have said what I did about people's inability to take the brutal truth and strong language."

I will analyze how much time this event will take to get out of first searches so I will see when the marketing viral stop growing and start to go down.,

Wee Siew Kim - Wee Shu Min Mr Wee Mr Derek Wee´s

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