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Wee Shu Min - Viral Internet

This story could pass, but as internet viral marketing event as happed one more time and this little story is in top searches of the world, one more case that proves the power of the network , and the effects that nobody could control.

Is like this no time to think in it, because the news is on at same time as somebody is writing, and if that falls in internet road, is impossible to stop, because probably it is replicated in so many palaces.

So no the story of Wee Shu Min, is this and was happened with blogs posts
One more story about freedom of speech in Singapore a 18 year old a teenage Blogger “Wee Shu Min” wrote about another blog article of Mr Wee, 35, a Singaporean who works for a multinational corporation.

Wee Shu Min, disapproval the post of Mr Derek Wee, for his views on the anxieties of Singapore workers, but in the end Wee Shu Min were criticized by many Internet users for being insensitive and elitist.

After that they comment on they post, and in the last comment from Wee Shu Min she said:

"Derek, Derek, Derek darling, how can you expect to have an iron rice bowl or a solid future if you cannot spell?

"There's no point in lambasting the Government for making our society one that is, I quote, 'far too survival of the fittest...' If uncertainty of success offends you so much, you will certainly be poor and miserable."

She finishes it by telling Mr. Wee to "get out of my elite uncaring face."

Her attack was criticized by hundreds of Internet users, who accused her of being elitist, naive and insensitive to the lives of Singaporeans from humbler backgrounds.
The major problem is that, Wee Shu Min is daughter of MP Wee Siew Kim, and all of this creates a little crisis in Singapore.

After Wee Shu Min, shut down her blog, but her post has already been replicated on many websites and the issue is hotly debated.

Her father said:
"We are disappointed with Wee Shu Min's comments on Mr Derek Wee's posting on the Web. We have counseled Shu Min and have conveyed to her the importance of sensitivity and empathy, qualities that she should have exercised in her response to Mr Wee.

"We are confident that she has learn from this experience and will be the wiser for it."

In the end is a event that gain world attention with internet.

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