quinta-feira, 3 de maio de 2007

SapoTags blogs out

SapoTags Portuguese Bookmarks Service.

This service stinks, because instead of the activity and posts are ruled by users and writers are ruled by a Moderator that don´t know to read.

To Moderator of SapoTags the important is quantity, if you put there sexual dvd in promotion, gambling or car sales that posts are good but if you put 20 posts by some blogs it could by spam, like i have sure this post will be.

SapoTags blogs out

In Portugal the Owner of Sapo is Portugal Telecom, but i think they were a Company with some liberty of expression, but now i say the don´t want to now about it, the important is the quantity of posts of one blog like this one in Bookmarks but the content is not important , so dvd selling, car and other stufs are not spam but internet marketing posts are.

The sapotags website

It´s life, and see why sometimes Portugal stays in the back of development, because some people think they are good, in internet most important is liberty and free will, but with this kind of Moderators it seems very difficult.

Click to see more examples of spam online in SapoTags

SapoTags blogs out
SapoTags blogs out

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