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Daniela Cicarelli - YouTube

YouTube in brasil and the justice in Daniela Cicarelli video

Daniela Cicarelli video that was post in YouTube, create problems to YouTube in Brasil. Some days ago a Brazilian judge has ordered YouTube to stop Brazilians from viewing the video of supermodel Daniela Cicarelli, on the YouTube (video-sharing site).

Daniela Cicarelli news about blocked videos from her in YouTube was released and some of the blogs in internet talk about as if court order was to shut down the view of videos from YouTube in Brazil, but that is not right.

In meanwhile start to roll information about one Brazil internet provider “Brasil Telecom” have blocked all traffic from YouTube and not only the Daniela Cicarelli Video, if that is true we will confirm in next days ( if so brazil could be the China of free world).

The issue of Cicarelli video seems to become one of the greatest matters in 2006 and 2007 internet video, and as usual if you have new news about it, the Daniela Cicarelli discussion about that video will grow and probably will be one of top 100 search of 2006/07 in search engines.

This matter Daniela Cicarelli is showing the power of marketing and viral marketing from internet

See the polemic video of Daniela Cicarelli

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